SKF QuickCollect

Do you need to start with digitalization of maintenance in your
production plant? Basic diagnostics without larger investments? Start today with the SKF QuickCollect sensor!

The SKF QuickCollect sensor will help you to simply and quickly collect and analyze data on the condition of your machines

  • You will detect an emerging problem of your rotating equipment in real time
  • It is ideal for walk around diagnostics, combining vibration, temperature and acceleration enveloping sensing
  • All data can be viewed on the spot and in real time or uploaded to the cloud for future analysis
  • The future data analysis can be facilitated by SKF application for free on your smart phone or tablet and connected to the sensor by Bluetooth
  • You can rely on the expert support of specialists in the Remote Diagnostic Center

An example of the SKF QuickCollect sensor implementation in the manufacturing plant in Chodov near Karlovy Vary

The SKF QuickCollect enables basic on-site data analysis. With the SKF DataCollect application, it is possible to perform a more profound diagnostics, adjust forms for the collection of all types of inspection and process data, and connect to the SKF Remote Diagnostic Center. Experts in the Center analyze the data and recommend appropriate steps to increase the operational reliability of your production equipment.

SKF QuickCollect app

SKF DataCollect application

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Other Digitalization Solutions

SKF IMx-8 – a highly advanced online system for early and continuous failure detection and prevention. It enables you to diagnose failures and visualize data through cloud services. You can use it to directly contact our experts who will provide you with the support that helps you to ensure your equipment performs at its best throughout its lifetime.

SKF Smart Supplier 4.0 – sign up for our authorized distributor program and start digitalization of maintenance without upfront investment. Get access to the latest technologies (such as SKF QuickCollect) and SKF experts in vibration diagnostics.

SKF Premium a Rotation For Life – programs enabling you to digitalize maintenance and introduce smart technologies without high upfront investments.

Remote Diagnostic Center – a part of the REP (Rotation Equipment Performance) Center, which was established to support your production equipment performance. The REP Center employs vibration diagnosticians, application engineers and other specialists in reliable machinery operation.

Digitalization of maintenance – we have developed the SKF Enlight system for monitoring and diagnosing machines. It is based on data collected using mobile devices and their storing and analysis in a cloud application suitable for all industry segments. The data are analysed by our experts on vibration diagnostics in the Remote Diagnostic Center.

Bearings / Seals / Power Transmission / Maintenance Products and Tools – technical solutions and machine components for reliable operation of rotating machinery for all industries at each stage of the equipment life cycle.